fruit covered in pesticides
What was left.
Do you ever wonder how clean your fruits and veggies REALLY are? Did you know waxes, pesticides and antifungals are applied to some fresh foods to keep them from spoiling too fast? That water alone doesn't get most of the crud and grime off your fruits and vegetables?
I found this cool trick from a friend's facebook page for cleaning fruits and veggies properly. Of course, it's cheap, organic and can be done in less than 15 minutes.
Fill a food-safe plastic container with water and mix in a cup of white vinegar(I used Heinz brand). Next put in all your fresh food. Wait ten minutes. Remove food and rinse in clean water. That's it!
My wife and I could taste an immediate difference. The strawberries no longer had a chemical aftertaste, the grapes were much better and the apples weren't waxy feeling anymore. My friend said doing this made her fresh food last longer too. We'll see about that. But for now I'm very happy with the lack of chemical aftertaste and seeing all the brown water go down the drain... Gross!
annoying networker
"Hi, can you help me?"
Do you SUCK at networking? I'm still improving my skills. In fact, for me it's an area i can always improve on.

What is networking? My definition is: a highly leveraged activity that has the ability to transform your life/business.
Everything you want will come through networking. 

"Networking the right way" is a skill that is not taught well in most places. Most people approach it in the complete wrong direction. 

No wonder, networking has such a negative connotation. People are not being shown how to do it properly and giving it a bad rap

Here's an example of what bad networking feels like:

    I just called my sister and she has an extension phone line at her business. Determined to not have to go through the robo menu(UGGH!) to get through to her, I wrote down her extension number and found a way to add it to her Contact page on my iPhone.

    This method is straight-forward, easy and literally takes 10 seconds:
  1.  To begin, determine which contact you want to add the phone extension to.
  2. Then, in either your phone app or Contacts app, tap that contact.
  3. Tap the "Edit" button at the top right of the contact.
  4. Tap the phone number you want to add the extension to.
  5. Tap the "+*#" button at the bottom left of the screen.
  6. When the new options come up on the screen, you'll see a "pause" button at the bottom center. Tap that.
  7. That will add a comma to the phone number. After the comma has been added to the phone number, type in the person's phone extension.
Voilà! You can now call your contact without having to endure a robo menu and as an added bonus: call directly without having to interact with your phone again (great when multitasking).

Saving time= not giving away a chunk of your life to a slow robo menu.
Thanks for the tip MJ DeMarco!

   It's a common excuse and actually a very bad habit, but very fixable.
    Have you ever met someone once, saw them again and they remembered your name? How did it make you feel?
    Now imagine if you made it a goal to remember people's names for good. How do you think they would feel when you remember their name?

    I always use this technique:

Matt Czarkowski is a scammer
Come take a look.
    Sometimes I worry about my parents. They are hard-working, loving, and have always been there for me. But their lack of knowledge in the digital age makes them PRIME targets for scams.

    Recently, my dad(in his mid-fifties) got a text message from Starry Alerts(a total scam), informing him that a subscription to their service was auto-renewing that day.
    We were working together that day, so I casually asked who was texting him, since it's fairly rare for him to get one. He passed me his phone and when I read the text message, a SCAM alert went off in my head.
    I questioned my dad if he had ever signed up for a subscription to Starry Alerts. His response, "Nope."
    I asked him if he ever checked his bill online to see how much they were charging him. His reply, "I can view my bill online?"

Frustrated Lady in Red
    TRUE STORY: I just spent two hours writing something and when I copy and pasted it, got distracted, and copy and pasted something else. Guess what?
    My original work (two hours worth) is gone!
    See this woman on the right, the same thing happened to her just a few minutes after it happened to me...

    The result... After this tragic loss of productivity, I committed myself to finding an app to prevent this from happening ever again.
    That's when I came across Jumpcut. A nice little program that expands your clipboard (what saves your copies, temporarily) to forty save slots instead of only one.
    So far so good, Jumpcut is free, installs fast and runs in the background.

    Save yourself the pain, suffering, and COMPLETE frustration of lost work, get a program like Jumpcut

Thanks, Pennerhead and to Tim Ferriss

Mimosa Recipe
Add a straw for a convenient bedside sip
    This recipe was created out of a need to give my wife something fun to drink during the trying times of being pregnant with our first son.
    Obviously, since booze and being pregnant don't mix well, I came up with this easy recipe based on stuff we already had in our fridge.

    -Trader Joe's 100% Pure Florida Orange. 
    -Trader Joe's Mandarin Orange Flavored Sparkling Spring Water.

Super-Easy Instructions:
    1.) Fill glass (or champagne flute) halfway with the cooled orange juice.
    2.) Next, top it off with the nice and bubbly, flavored sparkling spring water. (try and say that step five times fast)
    Optional: Add crushed ice for a really cold drink.

    Leave a comment below and tell me how great or gross it was!

    I've been laid up in bed for the past two days with a stomach bug. It sucks. I need relief, and I know with all my recent trips to the boys room, I'm in danger of dehydration. My loving wife, seeing me in discomfort, went out and bought me some Gatorade.(but with all the salt and artificial coloring, no thanks)
    I decided to buy some healthier Pedialyte...

    Wait a second, that tiny liter bottle costs $5! I knew there had to be a better way.

Sick of Junk Mail
How do they find us?
   Let's face it. Nobody likes getting junk mail, especially credit card offers.

   The worst part about credit card offers is that the card application sometimes contains sensitive personal details, pre-filled out. So that mean opening the envelope, searching for the offending parts of the application and shredding them. What a great way to try to get my business credit card companies! 
   You scare me into opening your unsolicited junk for fear of identity theft, then waste my time opening and sifting through it. Even worse, your company is wasting precious natural resources to create, produce, and deliver this unwanted garbage.

   Luckily, I found a way to fight back and end the madness.

Warren Buffett's warning to the US Congress
"Fix the budget or YOU'RE out!"
    Warren Buffett, in a recent  interview with CNBC, offers one of the best quotes about the debt ceiling:
    “I could end the deficit in 5 minutes,” he told CNBC. “You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election."1

    Why haven't we begun the process of amending our Constitution to include this EXCELLENT idea as an AMENDMENT to it?

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