NOW  November 3


What I'm Currently Up To

by Dean Ferraro, EA

Well, I got a dog. A black Labradoodle puppy named Misiek.

It was a big decision to add to the family but it was worth it.

We got him from a very nice lady who breeds them in Northern San Diego County.

While not a AKC-acknowledged breed, Labradoodles are generally smart, active and great family dogs. They resemble their parents. His sire is a Standard French Poodle and his dam is a Black Labrador Retriever. His dog IQ is off the charts!

He loves to swim too! I couldn't believe how fearless he was when he was at the lake for his first time.

Things are good business-wise. I've been working on my websites, building marketing assets and even setting up a class to teach local professionals about their taxes.

A month to go until Max arrives... :)

I'm reading a great book by Tony Robbins, "Money, Master the Game"

The part where he interviews Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates and gets him to reveal his All-Season Portfolio allocations is my favorite. In my personal investing, I have been looking for this exact strategy, that works in all market conditions, and it is spelled out succinctly in this book.

Last Wednesday, I had a great meeting with my SCORE mentor who really kicked my ass about getting organized and managing my time better. I am so thankful for his guidance and honesty.

With gratitude,