NOW  October 27


What I'm doing now

by Dean Ferraro, EA


I’m home in SoCal, working on my website,

Wow! I thought redesigning it would be easy... So much has changed in the

past two years, so many plugins, apps and APIs, just mind-boggling.

Since it is the off-season (sort of) for my tax business, I've been reading client feedback and finding pain points within Authoritax to serve my clients faster, better, more efficiently.

This is the time to do it. Website reboot, professional portraits, the hunt for office space, off season... right...

I'm starting to think, doing everything myself is a weakness. I need to work on hiring others to help me.

Speaking of doing everything myself, I just fixed my desk which has the weirdest designed legs ever, stoked a $0.99 piece of PVC pipe in the right place could get the job done. The little wins matter sometime.

Some young cousins are visiting us from LA/OC this week so it's nice to have some more kids for my kids to play with. My best memories are from summers spent with my cousins, it's cool to see the next generation repeating the cycle :)

Off to Mass at 7pm, today IS a Holy Day of Obligation ;)

This update was August 15th, 2017, The Feast of the Assumption.